CyCOIN, the world’s biggest blockchain network cryptocurrency


CyCOIN is not just a cryptocurrency, it is a blockchain network that processes transactions 100 times faster than Ethereum and 6000 times faster than Bitcoin. Furthermore, the transaction fees are 666 times lower than Ethereum and 30 times lower than Bitcoin.

CyCOIN is based on its own blockchain system, focused on artificial intelligence, which aims to overcome the typical shortcomings of conventional crypto and blockchain networks. Platforms focused on machine learning provide you with tools that can help you predict potential problems more easily. Coins artificial intelligence assisted blockchain reduces the time associated with mining and processing encrypted information by verifying multiple transactions simultaneously. If the network goes into protection due to external tampering, this will help to reduce processing time and power consumption.

It is also worth noting that CyCOIN is designed to offer a benefit to the first investors who adopt it. Currently, the CyCOIN founders have not allowed anyone to mine or mint new coins, and they have ensured that no one, not even themselves, will be able to mint new coins in the future. This is to protect the interests of the people who will adopt the coin in the first wave and ensure that they will be able to enjoy the growth of CyCOIN without the risks presented by mining or minting.

Is CyCOIN safe?

Each transaction and block will be verified before the specialized accounts called “validators”, which is why Coins technology is more secure than others. Because authorized validators enjoy a certain visibility in the network, everyone can watch and follow their actions, ensuring through this transparency that there is no chance of fraud. Their digital reputation is just as important as their real one, everything they do remains written in the blockchain.

A team of over 100 programmers is working on 18 projects that use CyCOIN exclusively for transactions in addition to all of the above, which is why it is thought of as a coin simply thrown into the business world. Each project is, in turn, an innovative one that will bring important changes to various financial and industrial sectors. Both the project and CyCOIN will support and sustain themselves through the use of CyCOIN.

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